About Us

Thank you for your interest in our work. As a collective, self sustaining group of clinical massage therapists, we encourage you to consider the extraordinary benefits of regular massage therapy treatment. We have  designed a set of techniques that will support you in co-creating an astoundingly enjoyable experience for yourself during every session while simultaneously enhancing your quality of health and wellness. You will immediately notice and experience the intangible and priceless gift of what holistic balance adds to your quality of life.

This professional practice is based on an observation of an obvious but misunderstood fact: The conventional medical model is justly suited to the treatment and cure of illness and injury.  We visit a doctor when we are sick, injured or in pain with the expectation that relief may be administered either through a drug, surgery, or other curative therapy. This is what the system was designed to do. Conventional, allopathic medicine attempts to solve these problems once they reach a point of crisis.

Historically, allopathic medicine has not focused on proactive measures to raise the quality of your health and fitness. That is where we step in... However you feel in this moment, know that you can positively and intentionally improve on the comfort and empowerment of your life to ever higher states. That is where responsible practitioners of alternative medicine have moved to the forefront of public awareness.  This includes the discipline of massage therapy. Our system of therapy merges a vast array of techniqes into an elegant, hands on approach to benefitting your immediate and long-term health and comfort.  

Longevity, clarity, resilience and bliss are 4 key virtues of health. Your personal excellence will be supported by an intentional development of these values.  You can always reach for a higher state of health and fitness beginning with exactly where you are. There is nothing more precious than this cultivation.  You cannot buy it and no one can give it to you.  

The paradox is that it already belongs to you. Now it is up to you to own it like never before. We will help you to restore a more thorough sense of balance and harmony in the structural, emotional, and energetic facets of your body mind so that you can affirm your own innate source of healing. 

These values of personal excellence and longevity have been preserved for thousands of years through the traditions of our work.  We encourage you to try a session and permanently raise your expectations of what skilled massage therapy can do for your enjoyment of life.